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Hopefully, you have browsed my Services and Publications pages, so you have a basic understanding of what I can do for you. Unfortunately at this time, I’m restricted to writing work only. While I’m flattered, I cannot join your Olympic swim team or the CIA. 

If you’re looking for a passionate, experienced freelance content writer, please contact me using the form below. Please add your company (or blog) name, what your project is, when you need the project completed, and your desired budget.

I currently work with a range of companies, from Builder Boost to iLocal to If you have a long-term project or position open, please fill out the contact form to include the number of hours your position requires. This will help me determine if we are a good fit!

Feel free to include your astrology sign and favorite ice cream flavor as well.

If you’d just like to contact me directly, my email is:

You can also reach me at: 303-519-1346


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I look forward to working with you.