Why I’m Not Making 6 Figures as a Freelancer

If you’re anything like me, you’re just plain sick of seeing the ads that say “Make 6 figures in no time!” or seeing courses on “making your first $100k as a freelance writer!”


Don’t get me wrong; if you’re making 6 figures as a freelance content writer, kudos. I am happy for you. You’ve obviously put in the work, you have great clients, and you’re rocking it. But you also know that you WANT to make that kind of cash.

For me personally, I could not handle the stress and size of an operation that brings in $100,000+ a year. I also know that I could not make $100,000 all by myself – I’d have to hire help to manage it all and I have zero desire to do that.

So I do not aim for $100,000 a year. I know that I do not want to own a large content agency. I do not have anyone else helping me with my workload. And so I know that $100,000 a year is not MY magic number. I have a magic number and it lets me:

  • Work 8am-3pm Monday-Friday all by my lonesome
  • Provide excellent content and personal interactions with ALL of my clients
  • Expand my knowledge base and service offerings
  • Take two 1-hour breaks every day (mostly dance breaks to get the writing juices flowing)
  • Walk my dogs, do yoga, and cook
  • Afford a housekeeper (hallelujah)
  • Worry just about my own work and ability to meet deadlines
  • Pay my bills on time and have more than enough leftover

So when I hear someone say “Make $100k a year!” I immediately feel on edge. Because what I hear is “You’re not doing enough.” That’s a recipe for burnout if I’ve ever seen one… and I don’t want new freelancers assuming that high dollar amount is the only target they should have.

If you’re new (or even an old hat) to freelancing, it’s more important to establish your value and reputation for clients – not just bust your butt for a six-figure income. That way lies madness. There is a happy medium for me, and it’s nowhere near $100k a year – and that’s OK!

You don’t have to be a scammy-feeling entrepreneur OR a starving artist to be a freelancer. All you have to do is get excited about making money providing amazing content. It also doesn’t hurt to have a really strong freelancing budget and a minimum amount that you have to make. That minimum does not have to be $100,000 unless you want it to be.

Find YOUR magic number and if you end up making more, groovy.

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  1. This is just what I needed to read! I see those kinds of posts all the time, too, and they make me feel worthless and unconfident. I should really just find something that works for me and keep up to it.

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