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“Latasha grows my list with her fantastic writing. I gave Latasha several samples of my writing so she could get an idea of my ‘voice.’ She quickly picked up on my voice… she gets me and that is a priceless gift. Her amazing writing totally engages my audience and I’ve had more subscribers to my list than ever before. Not only is she a fantastic writer, but I don’t let anything go without her eagle proofing eye. I went through four writers until I found Latasha and now I can’t live without her. She is an essential part of my team.”

– Tracey Gritz, The Efficient Office

“Latasha is a very professional and skilled freelancer. It was an absolute pleasure working with her!”

– Paul Jennings, Top Dog Tips Blog

With her witty humor and stellar prose, Latasha has been nothing but a complete inspiration and a breath of fresh air for my writing company. She has continued to produce absolutely marvelous articles that are unique in every way. I continue to rely on her for many of my writing material whether it be for conversational blog posts, professional and well-researched content, or rewriting marketing material. Having established a strong working relationship with Latasha, I hope to continue to rely on her for many more future endeavors.

– Steven Remington, Remington Writing Company

“It was a pleasure to work with Latasha. She produced 2 well-written blog posts for my company. I gave her some guidelines, she asked quality questions when she needed clarity, and she submitted her drafts early! She is clearly a professional and it shows through her content.”

UpWork Client 

“Latasha did a great job with our blog entries. She was able to get me moving much quicker than if I tried to do everything on my own. Definitely very self-motivated and creative!”

– Erin Koerselman, Honestly ADHD

“Latasha did some extensive research for me, and then helped me formulate the commentary in a key presentation based on the research.  She is completely thorough and reliable.  I have known Latasha for many years.  Her professionalism and capabilities are top notch.  I am looking forward to being able to use her services to support my blog and other content.”

– Michelle Meyer, GirlAuthentic