Sometimes, your content falls flat. Maybe it’s because you don’t know how to generate ideas that work for your audience – that’s where my freelance content services come in.

My speciality is planning and creating written content that performs – in the form of marketing materials, novels, blogs, and everything in between.

A few of the services I offer include:

Latasha Doyle services

Blog Writing

Need someone to spice up your blog? Looking for fresh content, or someone to provide you content on a specific topic? If you require these services, I am the non-droid you’re looking for. 

Article Writing

Do you have a website you need populated or a series of articles to be written on a similar topic? Do you need someone to do the grunt research work and write up what they’ve found? Need SEO h-e-l-p? I am here for you!


I am freakishly good at adapting to your desired tone and audience, and I ensure absolute confidentiality. Creative ideas and topics are also my specialties if you’re just looking for a never-ending spring of inspiration.


I can provide a number of editing services, from blog or article review, SEO function edits, academic proofreading, and assistance with formatting your writing piece. Proposals, grants, white papers, and business plans can also be formatted and fine-tuned using my editing services. I am also a word ninja, an no spelling, grammar, or syntax error shall escape my wrath! 

Web Copy and Content

Do you have a list of websites you need help structuring? Are you struggling with your “About Me” page or your “Services”? Let me help you make your website read like a classic (non-boring) novel. I also write web copy for emails, newsletters, and subscription “freebies.” White papers, media kits, mission statements; you name it, I can write it. 

NEW SERVICE ALERT! Social Media Marketing 

Are you getting bogged down clicking around Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. just trying to grow your blog or website traffic? Not only can I write a blog post, article, or web content that sells itself – I can keep the trend going by sharing it and marketing your brand on social media. Packages are highly customizable, so please contact me here or via email at for more information.


One of the hardest parts about writing a book is staring at that first blank page wondering, “How in the hell am I going to write a whole book?” That’s where I come in. I help you organize and curate the notes, content, or thoughts that you’ve got bouncing around in your head and help get an outline started. I also help you organize chapters, set deadlines or schedules to help you write your own book, and ask questions to help you pin down your book paragraph by paragraph.

NEW SERVICE ALERT! Email Campaigns

Did you know that email marketing is now the most effective conversion tool for small businesses? Sending consistent, relevant, and optimized emails is the fastest way to get people to buy, upgrade, or stay connected to your services/product/message. Of course, emails are time-consuming, require a lot of editing, and have a mean learning curve if you use a management system like MailChimp, GetResponse, or ConvertKit. I have used these tools extensively and have managed email campaigns for a variety of industries. Let me know if you’d like help with this so we can help grow your business!