Hammering Down Your Content Niche & Target Audience

One of the hardest parts about producing relevant, impactful content is figuring out your target audience. Who will be reading your articles? Will they actually respond to it? The only way to truly know if your content is going to “walk the walk” is if you’ve done your homework beforehand.

As awesome as it would be to just write something and have it go absolutely viral and bring in thousands (millions?) of bucks, that’s just not the reality of content creation. So before you hire me to start writing awesome, engaging web copy, articles, or emails, let’s start with getting to know your target audience. 

1. Think about the ideal person (group, business, etc.) you want to read your content.
  • What does this person do for a living?
  • Are they in a customer/client role or are they in a similar role to yours?
  • Do they want general advice or do they want actionable, how-to posts?
  • Are they more bite-sized consumers or do they like long-form blogs?
  • Are you selling your products or services to them?
  • What do they want to click on? What do they share?
2. Time to do your research.

Now that you have this outlined avatar of a person, it’s time to actually back up your impressions with facts.

  • Get on Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest and Instagram.
    • What are people searching for?
    • What is your target audience sharing, tweeting, saving, pinning?
    • Who are the major influencers or producers in this niche?
      • What can you do similar to them? 
      • What do you want to do differently? 
  • Get on Google
    • Search for articles or content similar to what you want to create
      • What pops up in search engine results first? 
      • What keywords, tags, or meta descriptions are used? 
    • Search your own website or content titles
      • How far on the search engine rankings are you? 
    • Use Google Trends to see how often your specific topic is searched for
      • (We’ll get more into how to use keyword and SEO research to drive traffic in a later post.)
  • Just ask!
    • If you have a few people who read your blog, a family friend who works in a similar industry, or you have a few contacts you can reach out to, simply ask:
      • What do you need the most help with?
      • What sort of content are you most attracted to? 
      • Do you like long or short content? 
      • What sort of topics do you think people like you want to consume? 
3. Test and reinvent.

You’re not stuck with content as soon as it goes live on your website or once you publish a post on Facebook. You can actually rewrite, add new keywords, and refresh old content to adapt it to your newfound knowledge!

Ask yourself:

  • Did this blog/email/post perform like I thought it would?
    • What in my research can show me what went wrong?
    • What do I need to do in the future?
  • Did my target audience enjoy it?
    • Did it get shared/emailed/commented on, etc.?
  • Am I doing something differently now that I should refresh my old content with?

Simply looking at the results of your content will help you create ever better and more impactful content down the road. It’s not a success story every time, either, so be patient!

Time and Energy = More Results

While you might be worried that this is going to take up so much time and reduce your ability to create and share your content, let me assure you: Taking time to research your target audience and evaluate the value of your content ideas will generate higher returns than losses. 

And as you immerse yourself in the mindset of your target audience and start going where they go, you’ll get more accustomed to this research and will even be able to weed out bad ideas quickly. The key, though, is always doing your due diligence and staying on top of your audience research. Google’s algorithms change frequently, as well, so keywords and tags will shift, too. We’ll discuss all of the in’s and out’s and tech bits of content creation later, though, so stay tuned!

Why create content that isn’t going to get seen, make an impact, or grow your brand? Start creating impactful, useful, result-driven content today. 

Until next time…

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