Hammering Down Your Content Niche & Target Audience

content niche and target audience

One of the hardest parts about producing relevant, impactful content is figuring out your target audience. Who will be reading your articles? Will they actually respond to it? The only way to truly know if […]

How Much Does Content Writing Cost (Really)?


It is incredibly rare for a business or entrepreneur to have “no budget” in mind when it comes to their content marketing. Most of the time, my prospective clients ask “How much does content writing […]

New Year, New Rates, New Content!

freelance content writer rates

Ah yes, it’s that exciting time of year again. It’s going to be a fresh new month on the calendar, a new planner, a blank slate. Maybe you’ll want to lose 20 lbs, maybe you’ll […]

New Service Alert! New Service Alert!

freelance social media marketing

I wanted to let all of you know that I am now, thanks to popular demand, offering social media marketing services. It turns out that most of you really, really don’t like the time it takes […]

Why I’m a Writer and Not a Web Developer

not a web developer

This website, while apparently very simple to the naked eye, was anything but simple for me. As a writer and not a web developer, nothing about CSS or HTML make even the slightest bit of […]