3 Reasons Why You Need an Editorial Calendar

need an editorial calendar

Do you sporadically post blog posts as ideas pop into your head? Or when you have a free minute? Do you have disjointed ideas with little-to-no direction or flow? Or maybe you struggle to come […]

Hammering Down Your Content Niche & Target Audience

content niche and target audience

One of the hardest parts about producing relevant, impactful content is figuring out your target audience. Who will be reading your articles? Will they actually respond to it? The only way to truly know if […]

How a Career Content Writer Can Find Time to Blog for Herself

It’s 9:19pm my time and it’s now time to find time to blog. After finishing up my client work around 5pm, I then prepared and served dinner. Cleaned up the kitchen. Did the laundry. Talked […]

What I Love About Being a Content Writer

content writer marfan syndrome

As a content writer, you don’t often get to write about topics that speak directly to you as a person. A content writer writes about stuff meant to inspire other people on a number of topics, […]