Need a Freelance Content Writer?

As a freelance content writer, I help small businesses and entrepreneurs create consistent, well-written content that grows their brand and their bottom line.

Do you want to generate new ideas, create lead content, or write effective web copy? Are you out of ideas for blog articles? Are your email campaigns or social media posts lacking that “special something”? Do you want your message to find its true audience?

Or are you totally at sea and don’t know where to start with your content or message?

Sounds to me like you need a freelance content writer. That’s where I come in. 

“Why do I need a freelance content writer?”

Did you know that content marketing (the act of sharing your content) can lead to 7.8x MORE TRAFFIC? Content also costs about 62% less than outbound marketing (ads, marketing materials, paid links, etc.) but creates 3x as many leads. You can read more about the benefits of creating content here, but the bottom line is you need content. 

To get results for your brand, product, or service, you need to generate content. To generate content, you need the writing chops, the time, and – to be honest – the desire to write. A lot. Do you have the desire to learn about effective content writing? Do you have the time? There’s a reason you’re here, looking at this page – I’m betting it’s because you need help. 

Let me help you create amazing content that will not only grow your business but will attract a community of people who actually want to hear what you’ve got to say. Content that is targeted, resourceful, and relevant will steer your message to the right people – and those people will be the ones who continue to support your efforts. 

Are you ready to get started?

Check out my list of publications so you can get a feel for my style. You can also visit my Services page to see what I can offer you.

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